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Working to improve the lives of children in Cambodia and other impoverished areas of South East Asia.

About Hands On Helping

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Hands on Helping offers free educational opportunities to children in poor countries. From opening libraries to running our main project, the Pinnacle Community Classroom, we use education to open doors for children who have few options to succeed in life. We run our own projects from start up on to ensure full cost control and reduce wasted funding that commonly plagues charitable projects in third world countries.

Changing Lives, One At a Time

Furthering Children's Education

In Countries like Cambodia, learning English is often key to finding employment opportunities.

Ease of Access to Health Care

Connecting doctors and medicine to those that need it most.

A Little Caring Goes a Long Way

For only $6.30 a month per student we provide English lessons 5 days a week at our Pinnacle Classroom

  • The Beginning

    It all began in 2004 when HOH founder Ryan Anderson volunteered at an orphanage in Kathmandu Nepal for 5 weeks.

    Raising $3000 prior to arriving in Nepal, Ryan saw that even small amounts of money can bring big changes to impoverished children.

    Now, ten plus years later we operate independent of local charities that often are mismanaged.

    We collaborate with trusted local people and through networks we know.

  • The Future

    Currently we have over 120 students studying English at our classroom in Cambodia.

    We offer quarterly rewards like bicycles for top testing students.

    Moving forward we want to be able to open more doors for our students.

    We want to provide scholarships, job skills training and internships to our students who complete all 5 levels of English.

    More funding is needed

These childrenare hungry to learn more!

Here At Hands On Helping, We're a Team That Adores What We Do

  • Team Member

    Ly An

    School Principal & Manager

    Team Member

    Ryan Anderson

    Founder, Hands on Helping

    Team Member

    Prak Sokha

    English Teacher

  • Team Member

    Lang Vuthy

    English Teacher

    Team Member

    Chay Niridey

    English Teacher

    Team Member

    Hov Sokheang

    English Teacher

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